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What Others Are Saying...
Brilliant arrangements, clever, witty, knowing lyrics and excellent musicianship

Chas Nicholson
Choc full of minor classics just waiting to be discovered!

Richard Penguin, Acoustic and Eclectic
 The songs are, of course, great; the stories behind them interesting and well-written; and your video of yourself speaking always engaging. Well done with all this brilliance!

Andrew C Ferguson, Author The Wrong Box

Giving us insight into some beautiful songs - it's been great. Thanks

John Morrison
It's been nice to read of the experiences you've shared and how your writing processes work. Good to see the lyrics - I'm a great mishearer of tunes

John Barclay, Impossible Songs
The songs are done with wit and warmth and just a lot of love,

Roger Williams, World of Difference, Trent Sound (featured album)
Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent by Philippe Monthoux Photography

Thanks for following your curiosity this far and checking out my offer. Greetings from Edinburgh!

I'm Norman, an independent singer-songwriter. 'Independent' meaning I'm completely outside the mainstream music business, which is how both of us - me and the mainstream music business - like it!

I've just spent two years with my band and producer on what I think is the best, most accessible album I've made: In Another Life. 

And I want so much for you to hear it, that I want to offer it to you FREE. Not just as a download but as something new.

See You In Another Life  is an interactive, multimedia experience that I personally send out to you in a two-week process before the album is officially released. It lets us have a personal conversation about the subject of the album, the making of it, and the meaning behind it - if you want! Or you can just download the tracks in the very best quality!

This content is EXCLUSIVE to you. It will not be available any other way than taking the journey through this platform.

Hope to see you there!

Norman Lamont


Why join See You In Another Life?
It's a journey
This is what we miss when we just stream an album or download it from iTunes - the lyrics, the credits, and the stories behind the songs. 

In See You In Another Life I'll share what inspired the songs, introducing you to artists or songs you may not know, as well as full lyrics and even guitar chords!
It's quality
Different people want different types of music file - CD quality WAV or lossless FLAC for serious listening, mp3s to put on your phone. Or you may just want to stream from the site. 

See You In Another Life gives you both MP3 and CD quality WAV
It gives you more
11 songs, 4 music videos, and 24 solid months of hard work by a dedicated team of brilliant collaborators...that's what went into this album.

We thought it would be a shame to let that all go to waste. In See You In Another Life, you'll have access to behind-the-scenes content, interviews, and four unreleased bonus tracks!